Historically, the NBA Playoffs are the worst time of the year for NBA fits. The number of teams walking through the tunnel halves itself every every week or so, and the squads that have already been eliminated typically observe a grieving period before they feel it’s appropriate to bless the timeline again (this is not part of the grieving process at Dry Clean Only). In addition to the sheer volume of outfits being decreased, the fits within the Playoffs become goal-driven and as a result, lose some flavor.

In “The Bubble” Playoffs though, the players kept it more relaxed in comparison to prior years. We saw a lot of the 2020 summer staples: five-inch inseams, full sets, vintage tees, and a whole lot of leg tat. Though on-trend, it became difficult to see originality in players who are already so comfortable dressing in this format.

The good news though is that we’re experiencing the first-ever NBA postseason in the fall, with a freshly minted championship squad making its debut in October. Excited for the weather to get cold again, so our guys can really start dressin’.

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