This October we saw the Lakers demonstrate they were the best team in basketball, and will recognize them despite a few questionable Finals outfits. Weirdly, October also marks the first month of the offseason, which means half of the league is back to creative directing mirror photo shoots and driveway fits, and the other half is free to post pics without worrying about “if you spent more time on your jumper instead of your fits u would still be playing” comments.

We could tell the guys were gassed up to be back. So much so, that we saw one accusation of stealing poses, and one Alleged Birthday Post For A Friend™. Already in rare form.

Unfortunately though, in the craze to return from The Bubble, the players didn’t give us the layering we yearned for. We can only hope that it isn’t skipped altogether, and that they don’t go straight from basketball shorts to parkas.

As far as layering goes though, in Shai (and his family tree) we trust.

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