As we move into a monthly examination of NBA fitology—which roughly includes days 40 through 70 of quarantine—we see some key themes established.

Using the car as a prop became a trend in May, giving those on the west coast and other whip-friendly regions an advantage. This also makes a case for Los Angeles as the current fit pic center of gravity, but only because of its sheer whip-friendliness (we do not cosign the extra long buttwipe tees).

Second, more time spent in isolation, forced to exclusively communicate online, is fuel for the rising NBA e-boy subculture. If it weren’t for Kelly Oubre deleting his IG carousel documenting his trip to the gas station right before I started writing, the e-boy energy would be much higher in the list below. Such are the risks of the life of an e-boy I suppose.

To the same tune, it’s also important to call out the final theme head-on: doubt. JJ Redick thought that the fits were just an NBA distraction confined to the NBA tunnel. He doesn’t think that obsessing over what to wear can also distract from other healthy parts of NBA players’ lives, that don’t involve basketball. It’s time to show him.

This leaves us with one final question before we begin. WHERE IS DENNIS SCHRÖDER??

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