"Project Upgrade" is a recurring franchise for those just starting their style journey. Each entry introduces three dependable, stylish—and above all, attainable—brands perfect for building your wardrobe, all at a prices well below retail. If you have been itching to update your wardrobe but unsure which direction to go in, look no further

We spend a lot of time dissecting and debating what’s “stylish” when it comes to getting dressed here on Dry Clean Only, but that’s not the only criteria required when building out a wardrobe. Practicality is paramount, whether you’re investing in a classic piece for the foundation of your daily wardrobe, or actually getting some “wear” out of what you’re… well, wearing. This doesn’t mean that aesthetics have to fall by the wayside though; many modern brands manage to fall on one side of the spectrum between “classically fashionable” or “contemporary and functional” (if they’re not already blending both worlds). Below, we present three labels that manage to meet form and function—at prices you can only find on Grailed.