"Project Upgrade" is a recurring franchise for those just starting their style journey. Each entry introduces three dependable, stylish—and above all, attainable—brands perfect for building your wardrobe, all at a prices well below retail. If you have been itching to update your wardrobe but unsure which direction to go in, look no further

There’s a lot to love about workwear. Clothes that have a clear utilitarian process require a certain degree of thought and design, which inevitably leads to a better product. That said, as great as vintage Wrangler Jeans and Carhartt are, the ballooned fit and rigid fabrics are certainly more geared to the construction site than everyday wear. While we are as big of fans of the rugged look as any, there are plenty of options to recreate the aesthetic with clothes that are as refined as they are sturdy. Below, we present three labels that make elevated workwear better than anyone—at prices you can only find on Grailed.