Accessories, in general, are extremely tough. Often garish and easily overdone, rings, chains and necklaces can overshadow and even ruin what would normally be considered a great fit. Rather than overload yourself with gold and silver, instead, consider investing in just a few stand out pieces—most notably, a bracelet.

Subtle enough to blend in and easily worn daily, a solid bracelet is the easiest way to dip your toes in the jewelry pool without going full Captain Jack Sparrow. Now, before you even consider purchasing some bling, your daily wardrobe should be on point. Once you have figured out your rotation, though, throwing in a bracelet or two for good measure is a sure way to elevate without going over the edge.

Any accessory in general is loud, and can be an especially large departure if your style is, for the most part, minimal. Our recommendation, stick with the classics. Simple ID bracelets and leather wraps not only come with a sense of history but feel dignified and respected. Going for something a little more out there? Just remember to stay in line with your own personal aesthetic. If you are not 100 percent confident about a piece, trust us, it will show. Stick with neutral leathers and matte metals—but if you are dead set on a platinum or shiny metal bangle, don’t let us stop you, just wear with caution.

For those less certain, we have compiled a list of our favorite men’s bracelets below to get you started. Remember, if you feel like you can wear a bracelet everyday—or even better forget it’s even there–you are on to something.

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