Dissecting the fashion industry as a whole is a difficult task. While the clothing itself is driven primarily by the creativity and prowess of the designers producing it, the industry often comes down to dollar signs. If a brand doesn’t make enough money, it can’t continue. This is, unfortunately, a common phenomenon.

Sometimes, an investment company may take a stake in a brand to improve production, helping scale up a small business to reach a larger market and easing the pressure for a designer without the necessary experience. But it can also dilute what early followers loved about it or even lead to a designer losing the trademark to their name. When a saving grace doesn’t come calling, the inevitable happens and labels are forced to shut its doors for good, leaving us to wonder what went wrong or what could have been.

In recent years, we’ve seen a ton of unheralded clothing brands call it quits, voluntarily or otherwise. So, in the interest of reflection, we looked back and picked ten of our favorite labels that are now lost to the sands of time AKA the Internet.

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