We’re nowhere near Father’s Day, but it seems like large swaths of the fashion community are taking cues from their fathers’ footwear. Chunky soles, suede uppers and technical touches are all hallmarks of what defines a “dad shoe.” While many of the runway-ready iterations—like Balenciaga’s runaway hit “Triple S” sneaker—aren’t crafted with comfort in mind, it’s not a coincidence that orthopedic benefits are an added bonus for many of the shoes currently lighting up your local street style hotspot. It’s unclear if this is simply the pinnacle of an “ugly fashion” trend that’s been bubbling up in the last few years, but it’s hard to overlook a movement that places comfortable sneakers at the forefront of fashionability. Some of us quite enjoy a little function with our form. There’s a reason why the Nike Air Monarch is one of the company’s top selling shoes, and why Raf Simons x adidas’ fugly patient zero Ozweegos can’t seem to stay on shelves. Whether you’re taking the plunge with more pedestrian models from New Balance, or are making moves in Yeezy’s Wave Runner 700, there’s never been a better time to cop some sensible sneakers that will earn you some paternal props. And aren’t we all just looking for a little respect from our Dads anyway?

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