It kind of goes without saying, but… yeah, we’re pretty happy that 2020 is heading into the rear view mirror. A year with more curveballs than an MLB pitching bullpen, 2020 might have started out like business as usual, but there’s very little that was unaffected by the global COVID-19 pandemic—fashion included.

With a global community, it was also an interesting opportunity to see what changes (if any) would emerge from this unique period of history. What’s does it mean when “high-low” translates to what’s above and below your webcam on your latest “work from home” Zoom call? Would luxury fashion face a new nosedive as people quarantined at home in comfortable clothing? What happens to “streetwear” if you can’t flex it on… well, the street? If we’re locked down in our homes, who needs a winter coat or sneakers when a hoodie and slides will do?

While uncertainty was perhaps the only certainty these past 12 months, we at Grailed have kept our eyes on the marketplace, continuously watching as the community supported the usual suspects while giving a few new faces their time in the spotlight.

See how your favorite brands fared in one of the wildest years on record, from our yearly Top 30 power ranking, to the 15 “fastest growing” brands on Grailed.

These are the Best Brands of 2020: Grailed’s Year in Review.

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