While opinions on the shoe vary widely, one unarguable fact is that the Balenciaga Triple S had (and, frankly, still has) a tremendous effect on sneaker design. The sneaker’s chunky, over-detailed appearance gave birth to numerous imitators and went on to inspire other Balenciaga models—including the Track Trainer. With the Triple S dominating 2017 and the Track Trainer making waves in 2018, Balenciaga is back with the all new Track.2 hoping to make a similar splash in 2019.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like the Track.2 diverges from its predecessor’s design, however, the new upper features over 170 separate pieces of fabric to create a dense layer of leather and mesh panels. Portions of the upper are faux-distressed to accentuate the sneaker’s blend of both vintage and modern design aesthetics.The Track.2 features a dual-density EVA sole and classic running outsole design, making its inspiration obvious. The first drop of Balenciaga Track.2’s will include three colorways: gray with hits of red and blue, and tonal white and black.

The Balenciaga Track.2 will release on Tuesday, June 18, via Balenciaga’s website and are expected to release at global stockists on June 25. Be sure to check Grailed’s Grails marketplace after the releases for your chance to cop Balenciaga’s new bulky sneaker.

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