As much a status symbol as they are functional, the right bag can project confidence, class and taste, all while conveniently holding your laptop. Although ostensibly used to store your personal goods, bags in general have recently taken a much more prominent role in the male wardrobe. With countless runway appearances—notably Prada and, obviously, Louis Vuitton x Supreme—the line between luggage and fashion accessory continues to blur. Not to mention, now that men are suddenly embracing fanny packs and sling/crossbody bags, more traditional, and frankly reliable, alternatives are falling by the wayside. As we drift closer and closer to “murse” territory, the conversation inevitably shifts to what is acceptable. Our take? A good tote or duffel can’t be beat. Whether that means flexing in a $3000+ Tom Ford leather messenger or a Bape weekender stuffed to the brim with your latest Supreme pick-ups. Traveling is hard enough, you might as well look good doing it.

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