Recently setting up shop in New York City, Avery Ginsberg is ready to purge his wardrobe. Hailing from Missouri, Ginsberg wasn’t always encouraged to follow his aspirations of footwear and clothing design. Attempting to find others who shared a similar interest outside of his hometown, he created the YouTube channel GearedTowardGear and continues to create educational fashion content on a biweekly basis. Since 2017, Ginsberg has been operating STAATSBALLETT, a collaborative clothing project with his partner in life and business, Kailee Mann. Both Ginsberg and Mann dove into the brand as a catalyst to learn more about garment production and its relationship to both sustainability and expression. Compared to their prior digital careers, the unisex, responsibly-produced clothing line offered the duo a chance to pursue something more physical—ideally, something that can outlast themselves. It has since spiraled into an onslaught of other projects that Ginsberg is eager to share.

Avery Ginsberg for Grailed launches March 12th at 12pm EST.

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