”Need to Know" is a series spotlighting the brands that are gaining steam and breaking through the noise. Whether its an emerging brand or an established brand having a major moment in pop culture, we’re focusing on introducing, discussing and dissecting the brands shifting the men’s style space today.

“Trends may come and go—what stays is personal style.” While that might seem like a bit of a cliché, it’s inarguably true. That phrase, so often repeated in one way or another, appears in Auralee’s short manifesto, on the Japanese brand’s website.

Founded in 2015, by Ryota Iwai, a graduate of the prestigious Bunka Fashion College, Auralee has managed earn praise and adulation, while remaining at least somewhat anonymous.

That’s partly to do with the clothes that Auralee makes. They’re clothes that exist outside of trends and which don’t feel tied to a single moment in time—nor even a season, really. Clothes that you would not instantly recognize as being Auralee. That’s by design, though. “One of the core things about the brand itself is that it’s not about imposing our image on people, but to create clothing that allows people to express themselves,” Iwai told WWD. In other words: they’re tools for the expression of personal style.

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