For over four decades, photographer and filmmaker Ari Marcopoulos has been capturing life in America. After moving to New York in 1980, Marcopoulos wasted no time exploring sides of the city that were rarely seen in the mainstream. Marcopoulos is often described as a cultural anthropologist in the sense that he has chronicled the roots of various subcultures as they crept into the mainstream consciousness.

At the start of his career he documented legendary artists including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. He proceeded to gain commercial notoriety for his portraits of burgeoning rap stars like Rakim and Public Enemy. Marcopoulos also created a prolific body of work in the skateboarding and snowboarding communities during an era when both activities were still confined to the margins. He moved comfortably between the worlds of fine art, sports, hip-hop and celebrity and worked tirelessly to capture it all as it intersected. His images have caught the attention of the art establishment over the years. The [Berkeley Art Museum]( presented Marcopoulos with his first mid-career survey and his work is part of the permanent collections at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. But even before the accolades from the gallery scene, Marcopoulos was creating success in his own image.

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