Arbitrage NYC is pleased to present our third Helmut Lang archive capsule collection. While you may remember us from our Dolce & Gabbana capsule, the team now turns our attention to the genius of Helmut Lang.

Helmut Lang's innovations have had an undeniable influence on contemporary fashion that can be seen even 12 years after his departure from his namesake label. As a now finite commodity, original Lang designs have become highly sought after in the resale market. His work was a breath of fresh air after the '80s glam era of fashion and somehow continues to provide something fresh decades later thanks to his expansive and legendary archive. Lang’s designs can be found hanging in museums, design studios and the closets of collectors worldwide.

Arbitrage NYC has collected over 40 original Helmut Lang designs for this archive collection release dating from the early '90s up until 2004. The collection features staple pieces like Lang’s expertly tailored suiting and painter denim alongside some of his most iconic designs like the A/W 1999 astro biker parka and A/W 1999 painted trucker jacket.

One of our favorite pieces available is the A/W 2004 hunting bomber. Lang is well-known for his bombers and this version is no exception. The jacket was inspired by mid-century American hunting apparel complete with borrowed nylon paneling and oversized cargo pockets from pieces originally designed to store binoculars, bait or buckshot. This jacket is extremely rare and not to be missed.

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Photography by Jackson Ray.

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