Over the last few years, Aimé Leon Dore has managed to master the art of creating classy streetwear for an older audience. Aimé Leon Dore's elevated take on essentials and love of premium materials is what we consumers love about the brand most. Founder Teddy Santis has found a way of capturing ’90s hip-hop culture and refining it to fit with today's style.

This approach is even more prevalent with the sneaker collaborations we have seen out of the brand. Santis carefully curates who Aimé Leon Dore partners with to protect the brand's identity that he has skillfully crafted. Outside of some bespoke Air Force 1s that were never on sale and a small Puma release, it was a while before Santis found his footing with a sneaker collaboration.

That was, until New Balance came along and managed to tempt the Queens native into a partnership. Even that did not come easy, with New Balance's Joe Grondin claiming Santis had no interest in the collab initially. Fortunately for sneakerheads across the globe, Aimé Leon Dore decided to join forces with New Balance and in turn, managed to create some of the most significant sneakers to release over the last few years. Add in Aimé Leon Dore’s reputation for top-tier apparel, and what’s resulted has been one of the more fruitful partnerships of the last few years. Things are only looking up from here.

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