At Grailed, it's no secret we're fans of skate decks--a quick glance at our office wall will prove as much. Particularly, we enjoy limited editions (flex) by artists we respect, with messages that resonate. This morning, international art icon Ai Wei Wei, and street art pioneer Shepherd Fairey partnered with non-profit The Skateroom to respectively drop a series of three limited fine art decks that do just that.

Coinciding with President Trump's 100th day in office, each artist's work sends a clear message about their not-so-positive feelings towards the 45th president. For the project, Ai Weiwei presents "Study of Perspective--White House"--originally part of the highly controversial series "Fuck Off"--as a rather bleak triptych. The image, which shows the artist flipping off the white house, is an obvious indicator of his feelings towards the current administration. Conversely, Shepherd Fairey presents an original illustration, a political cartoon done up in his typical style. When combined, the decks show a dark figure holding a newspaper, with a headline reading "Manifest Density" a play on the Commander in Chief's size and the mantra imperial colonists used when conquering the new world.

Both series are available to purchase on The Skateroom's website, with WeiWei's comically priced at $666 while Fairey's editions go $450. For the real art enthusiasts (read big ballers) out there, the first 66 hand signed editions by Ai WeiWei are available for a cool three grand. As we continue to deck out Grailed HQ, you know which ones we have our eyes on. Plus twenty percent of profits go to a charity selected by the artists, so anti-trump house fixtures and a charitable donation? Sounds like a win-win.

While Ai Wei Wei and Shepard Fairey have inherently limited appeal, lucky for you we have a stacks of hangable art on deck(s). Shop and decorate to you hearts content

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