"Bang For Your Buck" is a weekly franchise highlighting a single luxury item that is well worth the financial investment. Cost-per-wear is the name of the game, and each item featured in this series serves as a prime example of getting your money's worth.

A solid flannel is the most versatile shirt in the menswear arsenal. As easily dressed up as it is down, a great flannel is much more than a work shirt, it manages the near impossible task of being simultaneously elegant and utilitarian—not to mention the fact that it goes with nearly every kind of wardrobe. Still, finding one that is neither “too heavy” nor “too flimsy” is nearly impossible. Leave it to menswear maverick Hedi Slimane to perfect the formula. During his brief stint as creative director at Saint Laurent Paris, the designer focused on classic menswear staples as part of the continuous “core” collection. While colorways and finishes slightly changed season-to-season, the charcoal, red and blue renditions were blockbuster favorites and wound up in the closet of stylish men everywhere. Sure, you’ve probably owned a reliable flannel shirt or two in your time, but one that boasts top-tier construction and globally recognized rock’n’roll cool? Leave it to Saint Laurent.

While the classic SLP flannels retails for $650 and up, thankfully there are plenty on Grailed for less than $350. For a shirt you can pretty much wear year-round, that’s money well spent.

More About Saint Laurent Paris and its trademark flannel:
French designer Hedi Slimane re-wrote the menswear rule book during his celebrated tenure at Dior Homme in the early 2000s. Popularizing the “skinny” look that’s shaping menswear to this day, the designer left a gaping hole in the industry when he left his position at Dior Homme in 2007, without any indication he would return to fashion. Making an explosive return when he was appointed creative director of Yves Saint Laurent in 2012, Slimane quite literally overhauled the house—famously dropping the “Yves” in favor of Saint Laurent Paris and bringing his broader rock’n’roll aesthetic to the famous French house. His debut Fall/Winter 2013 menswear collection introduced a wardrobe directly inspired by the indie rock bands with which he is obsessed, channelling the vintage cool of Venice Beach and Santa Monica with a splash of Kurt Cobain grunge. The uniform, anchored by skinny jeans, slick leather jackets and, of course, flannels, was decidedly un-fashion, but spread like wildfire. Slimane, as he is want to do, transformed a mundane wardrobe item into a luxury must-have, and the once humble flannel became menswear de rigueur. Even after his departure from Saint Laurent in 2016, the flannel is a top seller from its “core” menswear collection. Grailed is one of the few places you can still purchase “Hedi-era” flannels.

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