In today’s music landscape, an increasing amount of musicians display an abundance of style, yet a lack of substance. Rather than hone their respective crafts, artists rely on social media, outlandish outfits and bombastic personas as opposed to quality content. Brothers A-Trak and Dave 1, however, are not two of those artists. Since the late ‘90s, the siblings combination of hip-hop, funk and EDM have helped them fundamentally impact not only the record industry at large, but how generations of musicians style and market themselves.

Born Alain and Dave Macklovitch, the Montreal, Canada natives grew up removed from any sort of music or cultural hub. Older brother Dave began his music journey early, when he joined the band of fellow high school classmate Patrick Gemayel (aka P-Thugg) when the two were just 15. Initially interested in hip-hop, the duo was a strong influence on a young Alain. Four years Dave’s junior, Alain quickly became obsessed with rap and DJ culture, and began DJing while still a teenager. At 15, Alain became the youngest ever DJ world champion, which led to a career touring the world and working with everyone from Lupe Fiasco to Kanye West. While his younger brother became a worldwide superstar, Dave and Gemayel drifted from hip-hop to funk, eventually donning the moniker Chromeo, one of the most lauded electro-funk groups in the world. Between the two siblings came numerous projects, hits and even their own label.

Today, between their work managing, producing, promoting concerts and releasing merch—Alain Macklovitch is founder and CEO of record label Fool’s Gold—the two spend what little free time they have together relaxing, shopping and curating because, for the brothers, image is everything. We sat down with the two at A-Trak's Los Angeles home to discuss their style journey, embracing ‘90s streetwear and why, when it comes to your look, authenticity is everything.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

All photography courtesy of Christopher Fenimore.