While in Barcelona, you may find yourself disoriented at the prospect of shopping. A trip to La Rambla, Barcelona’s answer to 5th Avenue, inevitably elicits a trace of disappointment and a heavy dose of anxiety. Fast-fashion conglomerates, tacky boutiques and archetypal fashion houses line the overcrowded streets. However, located several miles away and hidden in a vast industrial complex, lays Boris Bidjan Saberi’s unassuming yet emblematic atelier.

Located in the industrial district of Poblenou, Barcelona’s once run-down textile hub resembling a scene straight out of Blade Runner, Saberi’s atelier speaks to the unassuming complexity of both the location and his namesake brand. After giving your cab driver the address and inevitably getting lost, you will arrive at the entrance to a intimidating labyrinth populated with factories and abandoned warehouses. The menacing facade leads you to undoubtedly hesitate before you begin walking up several flights of stairs to a large sliding metal door. However, any notions of skepticism are immediately shattered upon entering Saberi’s world.

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All images courtesy of Boris Bidjan Saberi.