Sukajan Souvenir Jacket


The Sukajan, or souvenir jacket, is a Japanese satin jacket featuring contrasting colors and intricate embroidery. The name Sukajan is an abbreviation of the original name “Yokosuka Jumper” as the jackets were popularized by U.S. military personnel from the Yokosuka Air Force Base. American soldiers brought these jackets from Japan back to the U.S. after World War II. While souvenir jackets were associated with veterans in the U.S., they became popular amongst gangs and delinquents in Japan. While souvenir jackets have come to represent different things in different parts of the world, they came back in style worldwide in the 2010s. Many brands created their own versions and the market for the vintage ones grew tremendously. Whether you’re looking for a new Sukajan or a World War II era original, Grailed is your best bet to find the one that’s right for you.

What does Sukajan mean?
Sukajan is short for “Yokosuka Jumper”, but over the years has come to effectively mean “souvenir jacket.”

Where are souvenir jackets from?
Souvenir jackets originated in Japan.

Where can I buy a souvenir jacket from?
Souvenir jackets are available on Grailed.

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