Kth Kill The Hype La Men's Bottoms

Kth Kill The Hype La Men's Bottoms


Kill The Hype (also known as KTH LA) is a mysterious hat brand, presumably based in Los Angeles, that only exists online. The brand has no public facing persona, and a often-inaccessible website. KTH’s signature move is taking sports team logos and turning them upside down on hats. While it’s a simple idea, it’s proven to be a successful one as the hats fetch over three times what the original would cost.

Where can I buy Kill The Hype LA?
Kill The Hype LA is available on Grailed.

Who makes KTH?
The founder of Kill The Hype LA is unknown.

Does Kill The Hype have a store?
Kill The Hype LA does not have a store.

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