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Parisian-born designer Jean Paul Gaultier was interested in fashion from a young age; so much so that at 18, he sent samples of his work to a long list of ateliers in place of a traditional application. After an apprenticeship under Pierre Cardin, Gaultier made his first solo presentation in 1976. The sharp silhouettes and gender-blurring aesthetic was already at the core of his work. In 1990, Gaultier made headlines when he designed Madonna’s iconic conical bras. While Gaultier’s eponymous line is still churning out collections, the archival pieces such as the mesh tops and sunglasses have become beloved in certain circles. Jean Paul Gaultier’s recent collaboration with Supreme has also helped bring the brand new fans.

What is Jean Paul Gaultier best known for?
Jean Paul Gaultier’s single most famous creation is Madonna’s cone bra.

How old is Jean Paul Gaultier?
Jean Paul Gaultier was born on April 24, 1952.

What is Jean Paul Gaultier’s most popular fragrance?
Jean Paul Gaultier’s most popular fragrance is Ultra Male.

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