Hawaiian Shirt


Aloha shirts, or Hawaiian shirts, as they’re also known, were invented by private school students in Hawaii who would bring Japanese crepe fabric to tailors to be made into shirts. The “Aloha shirt” was trademarked as a term in 1936 by Ellery J. Chun, a store owner in Hawaii. The shirts are known for being brightly colored, heavily printed and widely cut for leisure. For many decades, Aloha shirts were associated with American tourists who were vacationing or have recently returned from vacation in Hawaii; they were seen as gauche and tacky. Recently, luxury designers added the shirts to their collections and the perception of the shirts has done a 180 in the eyes of fashion’s elite.

Are Hawaiian shirts in style in 2020?
Hawaiian shirts were particularly popular in 2018, but the right one will always look great.

Why are Hawaiian shirts popular?
Hawaiian shirts are very soft, loosely cut and comfortable.

Should you tuck in a Hawaiian shirt?
We recommend that you don’t tuck in a Hawaiian shirt.

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