Chinatown Market


After working with brands like Nike and Kith, Mike Cherman created Chinatown Market in 2016 as a response to his understanding of the streetwear market. In his estimation, consumers wanted something that felt inclusive and accessible. The brand’s logo is a smiley face; a symbol of positivity in the face of the dark times we live in. The brand is known for its Born Again Tee and collaborations with Converse and Puma. The brand has caught some flack both due to its name and the owner of the brand not being Chinese.

What is Chinatown Market?
Chinatown Market is a streetwear brand based in Los Angeles.

Who made Chinatown Market?
The founder of Chinatown Market is Mike Cherman.

When did Chinatown Market start?
Chinatown Market was founded in 2016.

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