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Vintage Nike Puffer Jacket

When the temperatures start to dip, you know you can always count on a puffer jacket. And there is no better brand to provide that warmth than Nike. Nike's archive of vintage puffer jackets goes deep, with a tried and tested formula built on their record-breaking athletes. The history of the down puffer jacket goes as far back as the 1920s, with American adventurer Eddie Bauer being the first to sell down jackets through his namesake brand. Puffer jackets really entered popular culture around the turn of the century, with hip-hop and R&B artists like Aaliyah and Biggie rocking their long, down-filled coats in their music videos. While many brands make puffer jackets, Nike's technology has always been at the top of its game. Whether it's an engineered ACG puffer or a classic puffer coat sporting your favorite soccer team's crest, Nike has it, and it's guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the winter.

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